The Book

It took me less than 4 months to write this book, and it has taken an equal amount of time to bring it to something you can hold in your hands.

I had been writing every day and posting my thoughts on social media. People suggested that I put my thoughts into a book to help other people who grieve.

There are books people can buy that do address this topic. I didn’t want my book to be a “how to” manual. I wanted to share the magnificence of the love Larry and I shared and braid into this love story suggestions of what to do throughout the process of moving forward when it happens to you because there is no if it happens to you.

As time passed a friend and digital artist, Brandi Untz, created a work that resonated with me she titled “Grief”. When I saw it I knew I wanted it for the cover of my yet unnamed book.

I sat and looked at her art for several days, and one morning I realized that the title of my book is “Fractured”. The digital line through the heart represented a fracture line, and my heart had that same fracture line in it. You can see more of Brandi’s incredible artwork at

Larry and I were always very public about our feelings for each other and I know he is happy that I have shared not only our story, but I have shared ideas and thoughts to help others move forward in their lives.

I am living, breathing proof that a fractured heart can still beat.