I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who believed in me, believed in my book, believed in my story and purchased my book before it launched.

You are all wonderful, loyal friends whom I deeply respect and you are all so very special to me.

Now the fun begins. I thought writing was the difficult part, no marketing the book and getting copies sold is harder. I busted butt all weekend signing up for different sites, getting Amazon organized, writing marketing pieces, designing marketing pieces. I am blessed I can do all this because I know how expensive I was when I did it for people!

Oh, I am sure there are people who would like me to stop talking about it, but I can’t. I know this book will touch the hearts of many as well as help people dealing with the grief from the death of a spouse, a partner or a lover. We are never prepared for this, who wants to be?

We fall in love, we fall in love with our lives together, we fall in love with forever only forever is an individual thing and as much as I know Larry loved me until his dying breath his forever was shorter than mine.

If you know anyone you believe could be helped by this book please let them know about it, or gift it to them. We do not talk about grief, we do not understand it until it happens to us, and death, well that is never dinner time conversation, is it?

I will be including photo reviews of my book from time to time from people who took the time to read it and share their thoughts.

Again, dear friends, thank you.



Beautiful review from Donnalynn S.

Twenty Months Ago

Twenty months ago, Larry took his last breath and let go of all the footsteps he had placed on this world. He was never able to say goodbye, not in words. I was blessed to have had that afternoon where he held me close and caressed my head as I lay on his chest. My heart is filled with gratitude that he was able to get his message to me and I felt his love. He held me tightly and we danced. I laid my head on his chest as he laid in a hospital bed, I disconnected the alarms on his ventilator so we wouldn’t be disturbed, and we shared our love without words.

Twenty months later I am releasing the presale of my book “Fractured-Living with Grief” honoring his love, honoring the twenty plus years we had together, honoring all that he did for me, honoring the man he was.

Many of you who are reading this knew him well, and he left footsteps on your lives too. I love hearing you tell me how much you cared for him, how much you admired how he took care of me, how much he made you believe in love.

Welcome to the new website dedicated to our story of love peppered with hope and faith that when you reach this day you will have something to fall back upon in my guidance through the hardest days you will ever face.

You are here because you want to order a book, and the process is simple, just click on “The Book” on the menu at the top of the website and you will be taken to the order form.

Thank you for supporting me as I wandered through the wilderness of deeply painful grief. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for letting me cry. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

All my love,


Fractured – Chapter 6

My goal is to send my manuscript to my writing coach by the end of this week at the latest (so if you are reading this months after May of 2020 and holding a copy of my book welcome).

I have braided my story by writing from the life of grieving and then going back in time and adding stories of our love.

I have been asked how I wrote a book. Well, I started with a list of ideas I wanted to include on my white board. Many of these turned into titles of chapters. Then I wrote an outline of my story with the chapter titles.

I divided the book into 3 parts and it is 24 chapters long with a Prologue, Epilogue and a letter to Larry my coach asked me to include.

As I stitched it all together over the past week, I knew there was one chapter that still needed a story from our past. I knew what that story was about, after all I wrote the outline of ideas.

It was absolutely the most difficult story to write, and that is why I kept putting it off. However, the rubber was meeting the road and heading to the finish line and today I wrote it with tears falling down my cheeks and onto my chest. I cried all the way through it as I knew I would.

It was the one and only time I saw Larry fall to pieces and physically fall to the floor in pain. I had never seen him like this before and I truly never wanted to see it again.

This is part of a paragraph I wrote yesterday in the story I knew I would write in time:

My husband, the man who took no prisoners in business, the man who took down gang members fighting at his nightclub, the man whose voice when raised scared many people, that man collapsed with the agony of having his dog die in his arms.  That man could not stop crying.  That man couldn’t get to his feet because he was grieving so deeply……..

It was at that moment I knew why I loved this man so much and this is where I was after writing it:

Fractured Defined

Fractured. What is Fractured? What is Fractured about? Is it about breaking a bone? Is it about a crack in the earth? What is it?

Fractured describes my heart and how it cracked and broke on February 19, 2019. There is no cast to put around it. There is no ace bandage to hold it in place. I can’t use duct tape, superglue, or stitches. My heart is permanently fractured, but it still hangs on beating 60-80 beats per minute even though in less than 5 seconds I knew it would remain broken forever.

Now Fractured is a book I am writing, and a podcast I am starting. It is a love story, a memoir, an encapsulation of what I call #SuperLove, and all wrapped up in a beautiful bow it represents what true love is forever.

Help me grow. Subscribe and get updates as they happen.

Thank you from the bottom of my fractured heart.


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