I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who believed in me, believed in my book, believed in my story and purchased my book before it launched.

You are all wonderful, loyal friends whom I deeply respect and you are all so very special to me.

Now the fun begins. I thought writing was the difficult part, no marketing the book and getting copies sold is harder. I busted butt all weekend signing up for different sites, getting Amazon organized, writing marketing pieces, designing marketing pieces. I am blessed I can do all this because I know how expensive I was when I did it for people!

Oh, I am sure there are people who would like me to stop talking about it, but I can’t. I know this book will touch the hearts of many as well as help people dealing with the grief from the death of a spouse, a partner or a lover. We are never prepared for this, who wants to be?

We fall in love, we fall in love with our lives together, we fall in love with forever only forever is an individual thing and as much as I know Larry loved me until his dying breath his forever was shorter than mine.

If you know anyone you believe could be helped by this book please let them know about it, or gift it to them. We do not talk about grief, we do not understand it until it happens to us, and death, well that is never dinner time conversation, is it?

I will be including photo reviews of my book from time to time from people who took the time to read it and share their thoughts.

Again, dear friends, thank you.



Beautiful review from Donnalynn S.
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