People leave.

We leave people.

Friends leave.

We leave friends.

Spouses leave.

We leave spouses.

People leave.

I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure it all out. 

Many times, we know the answers.  When we are the ones who leave, we know the answers.

Where I am now in my life, I know longer try to figure it out.  My reason for that is if people can just disappear without a word then I don’t let them rent space in my head.  They had a reason, and they left.

No big deal. 

I don’t chase people for answers any longer.  I did at one time, but with all that has happened to me over the years the one lesson I learned is that if someone walks away without a word, they never intended to stay.

Yes, people leave.



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  1. You always give more to deeper thoughts. You are a gift to help those of us who are unable to express themselves. Love what you do.

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